Winter’s Arrived Early This Year

Border Collie sheepdog Fran covered in frost, in a misty, frosty field
Fran looking great on a frosty day

In recent years, the UK has enjoyed relatively mild winters. Anyone who was around in 1947 (and I’m not one of them – I didn’t arrive until two years later) will tell you it’s been relatively tropical here since then. Even when we have had the odd cold snap, they normally don’t arrive until after but this year, we have an exception.

The normally temperate UK is currently locked in what for us is a serious freeze.

Red and the other dogs are having a wonderful time though. For them, it seems to be all play and no work because we’ve suspended sheepdog training while the weather is so cold.

This is not because we don’t like going out into the cold, in fact sheepdog training is a really good way to keep warm. The problem is we have very little grass.

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