When it comes to ears…

Sheepdog puppy Jet with her large ears upright

Jet has the most superb ears!

Jet hiding under an old tree trunk

This is Jet, one of Kay and Oliver’s pups. Jet has the most wonderful ears we’ve seen on a border collie for a long time. She clearly inherited them from her mother!

Of course, when the need arises, Jet’s “radar” ears can be folded away for going under low things like this old tree stump that the dogs love to play beneath.

Jet's mother Kay has pricked ears too
Jet’s mother Kay has wonderful “pricked” ears too. (Click to enlarge images).

At around five months of age, Jet is already showing all the signs of being a very useful sheepdog.

She has a natural instinct to calmly go around the sheep and bring them to the handler. She’ll happily flank in both directions and has the confidence to go between the sheep and a fence. Once she’s fast enough to “head” the sheep if they’re running away, Jet’s formal training will begin.


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