Sheep on a frosty morning in January 2010


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  1. Ulla Stabell avatar
    Ulla Stabell

    Thank you for another nice tutorial! I’m just wondering, how old is Tess in this video? I see a lot of the same mistakes that my 11 months old Kayleigh is making. :-)

    1. Glad to hear that you like the tutorial, Ulla (although I’m puzzled as to why you posted your comment on this page, rather than the tutorial page?).
      In the Tess in the Open Field, video Tess is approximately 18 months old.
      Good luck with training Kayleigh!

  2. Heather Keen avatar
    Heather Keen

    Hi, What do you do if your dog isn’t afraid of the training stick? I have a 7 month old Welsh Sheepdog who I started on sheep a few weeks ago. He is extremely keen. We just have a couple of short sessions per week. I can get him to go around the sheep mostly rather than running at them now, but I’m struggling to get him to widen out and give the sheep space. I can whoosh with the stick all I want and even touch him with it, but he’s hardly bothered by it. Do you have any suggestions please?

    1. Hello Heather, thanks for your comment.
      If the dog is ignoring the stick, it either means you’re too far away (not likely in your case as you mentioned elsewhere that you have a training ring) or you’re not being assertive enough with it. I suggest you increase the number of short lessons to four or five per week if you can, and make the dog feel uncomfortable if it’s too close to the sheep.
      As the dog goes round the sheep, try to walk between them and the dog – using the stick to keep the dog out. As I said, if you’re close and the dog ignores the stick, you need to intensify your use of it – but be careful, not to overdo it. Keep trying and you’ll win in the end.

  3. Andy Snow avatar

    Hi Andy, very good tutorial. My young dog is doing really well but at the moment I can’t get him to flank once he is at the point of balance. If I move, or the sheep do, then he will flank well but not if they are balanced. Is it something that will happen as he gains more experience or is there something I can do to help? Thanks Andrew

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