We have a result – and it’s printable

Close photo of the face of an upturned sheep

My older sisters used to tell me, “To the pure, all is pure” and our latest competition really proved it.

Where some people see a (to me) surprisingly relaxed sheep undergoing an extensive pedicure, other people could only see a groin.

When it came to picking a winner I was very tempted by Chris Bradley’s “I’m not sleeping, just resting my eyes,” because both the photo and the caption remind me of my Mum (not sure what she’d think of that) but I decided on Tony Geitenbeek’s off-the-wall contribution, “Do these jeans make my ears look fat?” It was too good to overlook.

Thanks very much to everyone who took the time to enter. As ever, we had great entries to choose from, and some laughs along the way, but I’ll be SO much more careful next time…




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One response to “We have a result – and it’s printable”

  1. Tony Geitenbeek avatar
    Tony Geitenbeek

    Fair dinkum I got the top spot? :-D

    To be fair here both Jenna and I started throwing captions about with the picture on my screen and there was a slight temptation to make groin jokes but we both hear a lot of that day to day and its getting a bit old so we went the funny ha ha “lifes like that” route with our caption and Im glad we did!

    We have a lot of moments when we see funny images looking after our sheep both with and without Jock working and the Lambs give us a fair few laughs as well as times when we just shake our heads in disbelief at their antics and to catch a glimpse into your world and be asked to caption a moment was too good to pass up and we enjoyed the challenge.

    Thanks to you both for the opportunity.

    Tony and Jenna.

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