Very bad news . . .

Jill's games led to her accidentally killing most of her puppies
She’s an excellent mother, but Jill’s love of playing accidentally killed all but two of her puppies

Apologies for the delay but it’s very difficult to bring yourself to announce really bad news and we’ve certainly had a big shock with Jill’s litter of puppies.

Jill’s a wonderful character, she’s playful and fun loving. One of her tricks involves chasing her stainless steel water bowl around her pen (or preferably the yard). She doesn’t just chase it along the floor, it goes up, and even along, the wall. She’s become so skilled that it’s very entertaining to watch her.

Unfortunately, Jill will still play with the bowl when she has puppies, so we invested in a bowl with turned down edges that, presumably are intended to prevent dogs upsetting them.

This was no challenge for Jill, she very quickly learned how to get the bowl moving along the floor and then flick it into the air with her nose.

I decided to modify the bowl by bending the bottom edges inwards to form a sort of retaining lip, and then I filled the underneath cavity with concrete. The result was an extremely heavy water bowl which offered virtually no grip for a dog to pick it up.

Success . . . (or so I thought).

Sadly (and incredibly) Jill somehow learned to pick up the heavy concrete-filled bowl and to our horror, she must have carried it into the bedding area and dropped it on her litter of eight tiny puppies. All but two were killed.

11 responses to “Very bad news . . .”

  1. Deborah Brooks avatar
    Deborah Brooks

    ANDY so sorry to hear of sad news, Jill such a lovely mother, I am sure she was devastated in her way as well. We are still over the moon with our pup that was one of hers, he is still manic but delightful. Her puppies are so intelligent and willing.

    Love to you both


  2. Tony Clamp avatar
    Tony Clamp

    Don’t blame yourself mate. You did what you thought was foolproof. Jill also wouldn’t want to wipe out her kids either but these dogs just love to play.
    I personally can’t see anything stupid in a creature that’s without the tactile dexterity of primates, that can turn an inanimate thing such as a bowl into an object with a life of it’s own.
    Just one of those things. People too loose their kids through tragic accidents, and no-one calls them stupid.
    You can never cover all of the bases.

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