Two of our Favourite Boys!

Kelpie Will and Border Collie pup Jago standing side by side

Young Kelpie Will, and his Border Collie friend Jago

Kelpie Will and Jago (above) are two of our favourite trainee herding dogs. Will’s training is progressing a little slowly, but he’s definitely getting there, while Jago (a Kay and Oliver puppy) is making great progress.

Close up portrait of herding sheepdog puppy Jago
Jago seems to have inherited his mother’s natural talent for working sheep, as well as her looks!

If anything, Jago’s a little too keen. He can’t resist running off to the sheep at every opportunity, even when he knows he shouldn’t. It’s only a phase he’s going through, and we don’t mind too much because, although it can be inconvenient to have the flock brought to us while we have around twenty dogs in the field, the way young Jago brings them is very impressive. Instead of chasing the sheep all over the field, which is usual when a puppy goes to them, Jago goes out wide and gets behind them before bringing them towards us. He can keep around thirty sheep under control at a time.

His training will begin quite soon, so here’s hoping he continues to work so well when it’s official.


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