Tucker and Pip

Tucker appearing from behind a tree stump

Two very bright lights to keep us cheerful

Of course, we’re still very sad since losing old Mel on Wednesday, but having the other dogs around, especially puppies Tucker and Pip, is a great tonic.

Pippin is beginning to look very stylish when she stalks the older dogs

Despite Pip being several weeks younger than Tucker, the pair get along amazingly well. In fact the only small problem there has been with them was that for a few days, Pip preferred whatever food Tucker was eating, rather than her own and she would chase him away!

Tucker wasn’t in the least bit worried though, he simply went over to the bowl that Pip had just abandoned and helped himself until she came and chased him away again.

Closeup of Tucker keeping a very close watch on things

Fortunately, Pip’s bright enough to realise that her jealousy simply resulted in Tucker getting first choice of both bowls, so now they’ll happily eat side by side with no more than the occasional glance at each other to see who’s getting their food down quickest.

Most of the time, the pair are the best of pals, and they play together for hours before falling fast asleep wherever they happen to be when their eyes get heavy.




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