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Alfie’s Blog – Training Sheepdogs – a chihuahua’s opinion (WHAT?)

I may have suggested before that I don’t always agree with Gill and Andy’s training methods. Well, to be fair, if you want a chihuahua’s opinion. (And why wouldn’t you?). It’s the whole idea of training that I disagree with. But given my privileged position within the household, training is something I’ve managed to avoid, pretty much.

Training sheepdogs is all about timing

You’ll often hear dog trainers say that the key to training is timing. That’s so true. Chester is in awe of my timing. I train people so well that I can completely ignore them when they call me. Of course I hear them, but I turn my back and look intelligently absorbed by whatever is around me. 

If I start to walk towards them and they get excited (and why wouldn’t they?) and call my name, then I just turn smartly the other way. But I know just how long to wait. It works every time!

Timed to perfection!

The instant they’re starting to feel put out and ignored, and perhaps begin to contemplate ‘the long lead’ for the next walk, I go galloping back to them at top speed, fur flowing majestically behind me. I look as though I couldn’t possibly wait another second for their company and they, poor things, fall for it every time.

Perfect training!

“Butter wouldn’t melt,” apparently. I don’t have a clue what it means, but they say it every time.




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