Trained sheepdog for sale – Rosewood Ness

Registered skilled sheepdog – flock work, outrun, lift, fetch, driving, shed and pen.

Photo of working sheepdog Ness
Ness is a lovely dog, although she can be a little nervous of strangers until she gets to know them

Ness is SOLD (subject to her 30 day trial).

Rosewood Ness (ISDS: 00/307030) is a delightful friendly, rough coated black and white female who was born on 21st July 2009. The decision to sell her has been a very difficult one because we are so fond of this bright, cheerful dog who’s always desperate to please.

Ness’ sire is Rosewood Wisp and her mother is Meg – both owned by Angie Blackmore, one of the UK’s leading sheepdog triallers.

The standard of Ness’ work is very high. She has an excellent outrun, stops reasonably well, flanks beautifully both ways, and drives like an expert.

She’s done a certain amount of farm work since she came here, and can gather a flock of 200 or more sheep with no problem, but, to date, she doesn’t have much experience of unusual or farm situations. This is very easily remedied with a little patience. Read about Ness’ first encounter with a flock of over three hundred sheep.

Photo of Ness as she takes on a stubborn sheep
Ness has plenty of power to turn a stubborn sheep

What Ness lacks in actual experience, she more than makes up for in natural ability. She holds sheep together extremely well and will instinctively bring one or more back if they attempt to break away (rather than wait for a command). She also has plenty of power – moving sheep with her air of confidence, rather than needing to grip them.

Ness works with whistle or voice commands, with possibly the best results coming from whistle commands when she’s further from her handler.

We’d recommend Ness for anyone who keeps sheep, whether they have a flock of 2,000 or just a handful that they keep as pets. Although she loves to work, she’s perfectly happy to just be with people – once she gets to know them.

Ness is SOLD.

Ness doesn’t play any ball games, but she likes other dogs and shows infinite patience with puppies! She’s very fond of water – and likes nothing more than submerging herself in anything liquid after work, or if she’s hot! Read about Ness’ first encounter with a flock of over three hundred sheep.




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