As if we don’t have enough collies around the place already!

Border Collie Connie

There are too many Border Collie sheepdogs around here, for my liking.

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Rough coated black and white border collie bitch Connie, looking at the camera with her tongue out!
Connie the (trainee) Border Collie Sheepdog

A nice man, who trains farm dogs for sheepdog trials, drove all the way from Powys a few days ago. What’s more, he brought some Border Collies (yawn) for Andy to see. They seemed to spend the afternoon chasing sheep into pens and then chasing them out again, and getting very wet in the meantime. Well, the sheep dogs did. I don’t think Andy did much.

Thank heavens for the wood burner! Luckily, with Andy usefully occupied, I was able to spend my afternoon lying in front of it. Obviously, someone needed to be there, just in case it burned out…

The new dogs are two females, called Connie and Mist, and another dog called Glen. Won’t there be confusion (more than usual) when all the dogs are out together?  I wonder what old Glen will have to say about it! There are definitely too many border collie sheepdogs around here for my liking.

These three new dogs will be trained up to a useful working standard and then homed with sensible farming families. For now, they’ll be part of the Kings Green Pack and once they’ve learned the ropes will find their place in the hierarchy.

Mist and Connie will probably be quicker to find their place than Glen; border collie dogs don’t seem to worry so much about status. Chester and I are right at the top (i.e. on the bed), so we don’t worry about it, either.

Connie is a rough coated black and white Border Collie Sheepdog.



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