To the woods!

Collie puppy resting on a log

Puppies learn that the world’s bigger than they thought

Black and white Border collie sheepdog puppy on a woodland walk
Audrey and Eli’s daughter, Dill

It’s been a wet and windy winter, as I think we may have mentioned before, so the puppies who were born at the end of last year have really only known mud and puddles.

After a week of much more settled, and sometimes almost warm, weather the field, footpaths and woodland walks have dried enough to make taking the dogs for a good walk, a very tempting prospect.

Gratefully, we’re returning to the daily routine of at least one good country run for the dogs, even if the evening session is spent playing in the field.

They only had to miss out on one or two runs before Kay and Audrey’s puppies realised that everyone else was having more fun than they were, and now they refuse to be left behind.

Puppies and sheepdogs out for a walk
Kay and Eli’s little girl, Hayley




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