The Sheepdog Blog has landed!

Border Collie puppies Lady and Ezra (right) with a pup from a later litter from Gwen.
Border Collie puppies Lady and Ezra (right) with a younger pup from Gwen’s litter.


We’ve finally managed to get a self-hosted interactive blog on the Working Sheepdog Website!

Please accept our apologies if you’ve been trying to follow us while we’ve moved around from place to place (and sometimes back again).

THIS time, we’ve achieved our goal – an interactive website blog to keep you up to date with everything that’s happening with our dogs. Another great plus is that we’ve imported ALL of our WordPress blog posts (including Alfie’s blog) onto this blog, so if you click the Archive link at the top of any page you can read the posts previously on the Working Sheepdog Website.

Working Border Collie self-hosted interactive blog - puppy Carew playing with her favourite 'toy' - a soft plastic flower pot 'toy'.

We’d love to hear from you and, of course, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook using the appropriate widgets that appear below each post.

You can even receive automatic updates if you click the little yellow and white RSS feed (or blue, Reader) icon on the far right of your browser address bar (click and follow the instructions).

We’re still not completely happy with the appearance of the blog but this will be put right in the near future – when we’ve learned how to drive the thing properly.

To keep in touch with events at the Working Sheepdog Website, bookmark this page, and please leave a comment in the box below any of the posts.

Lastly, to keep you properly up to date with what’s happening here at Kings Green Farm, our target is to make at least two posts each week – so please remind us if we don’t keep to it.




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