• How do you feel about mis-marked puppies?

    How do you feel about mis-marked puppies?

    We love coloured dogs and we’ve had a few over the years! Yesterday’s post about so-called mis-marked puppies sparked a lot of response, mostly on Facebook and Twitter. There’s nothing unusual about this. We’ve noticed over the years that some people strongly dislike unusual markings on dogs. I can remember once when we had a […]

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  • Pic of the day – Puppies! Hurrah!

    We’re delighted that one of our favourite collies, Isla, has produced a litter of seven fabulous puppies. Of course we’re just assuming, at the moment, that they’ll be fabulous, but with Isla for a mother, and a father like Ezra, what else could they possibly be? The puppies, four girls and three boys, were born […]

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