Our ‘Stolen’ Kelpie – Tucker!

Tucker is one of the litter of kelpie puppies stolen from a Shropshire farm

Tucker’s safe in his new home after his ordeal

Closeup of Tucker. He's a black and tan Kelpie with lovely tan eyebrows
Handsome little chap! Hopefully little Tucker will become a worldwide star in sheep and cattle dog training circles.

Tucker’s a puppy that we had reserved from a litter of Kelpie pups before they were dramatically stolen from Clunton in Shropshire this week.

Thankfully, after many thousands of Facebook shares and Twitter retweets, someone over a hundred miles away in North Wales recognised the puppies and called the owners. Soon, they were safely back home.

The thief had apparently made several attempts to sell the puppies, mistaking them for Dobermans!

Richard, Katie and Gill with Tucker.
Left to right. Richard Jones with Katie Burton and Gill Watson holding Tucker. Gill’s coat shows signs of a successful puppy choosing session!

Today we drove to Shropshire to choose and collect our puppy from the new location to which they had been moved for added security.

We met farmer Richard Jones and his partner Katie Burton before being met by seven very noisy and excited young Kelpies all looking in the peak of condition despite their traumatic two days travelling to North Wales, stopping at random locations and being offered for sale as Doberman pups – before eventually being driven all the way back home again!

Kelpie sheepdogs Lex and Floss looking out from the back of a pickup truck.
Kelpie sheepdogs, Lex (left) and Floss, who is the mother of Tucker’s litter.

We also met Floss, the mother of the litter. She’s very good natured, as are all the Kelpies we’ve met to date. Floss and her fellow sheepdog Lex both love visitors – as you’ll see if you look at the state of Gill’s coat in the picture above – the result of Lex’s enthusiasm getting the better of her.

On the way home in heavy rain, we spotted a Shropshire Star newspaper advertising board and when we read the message, we couldn’t resist stopping to take the header picture at the top of this page. Our thanks to Hopton Bank Garage for kindly allowing us to take the picture.




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