Started sheepdog for sale – Zak

Zak’s a handsome young sheepdog whose work’s improving daily

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Border Collie sheepdog Zak's a handsome dog
Zak’s a delightful, sociable dog, ideal for a smallholder

Zak is sold.

Zak is a black and white, rough coated, microchipped Border Collie. He’s approximately eighteen months old and from ISDS registered working parents but Zak was never actually registered.

He was a slow starter with sheep work but he’s making up for it now. Although he lacks experience, he’s easy to control around sheep, stops reasonably well, and works at a steady but purposeful pace – ideal for a beginner or smallholder.

Zak will gather the sheep from a short distance, and keep them together. His stop is pretty good and he flanks beautifully “Away”. Zak’s “Come bye” flank is a little tight, but that’s the sort of thing that will improve with practice. We’re happy to give instruction on how to train a dog that you buy from us, and of course, you can take advantage of our free training course, and “First Steps” DVD.

Close-up showing Zak's gum after his teeth were removed
The vet made an excellent job of removing Zak’s incisor teeth. (Click to enlarge picture)

Zak’s a delightful, friendly, affectionate and obedient young dog who’d be a great addition to a smallholding. He’s good with people, dogs and children and will earn his keep with the sheep many times over.

Zack lives outside in a kennel with run, so he’s not house-trained, but he keeps his pen spotlessly clean and would doubtless adapt very quickly to living indoors. Adult collies can normally be house trained far more quickly than puppies.

Zak’s lower incisor teeth are missing, due to an accident when he got them caught in some weldmesh. The teeth were removed at a veterinary practice. The gums have healed perfectly and look very healthy. Zak suffers no ill effects from losing the teeth. He eats the same dry food as our other dogs, and gnaws bones quite happily

Zak’s well behaved on and off the lead – he has an excellent recall, running back to you with enthusiasm. He’s not house trained but, generally, older dogs learn more quickly than puppies.

Zak is sold.
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