Started sheepdog for sale – Sue

Sue’s a sweet natured dog, who could become a lovely sheepdog

Sue is now sold

Photo of started sheepdog - Sue
Sue just started training, and has good potential

Recently, our workload has increased drastically, and unfortunately, time available for training sheepdogs is very short, so we’ve taken the difficult decision to sell some of the dogs that we intended to keep and train.

Sue’s an ISDS (00/326117) registered female, very well bred, black and white and medium coated. She’s also has a lovely temperament.

When working sheep, Sue flanks nicely and stops well, controlling the sheep quite naturally but she has a fairly short attention span. This should improve as she gains more experience but we recommend she goes to a smaller flock, rather than a large sheep farm.

working sheepdog Sue
Sue has a very friendly temperament, She loves people and other dogs

She was born on 24th May 2012. Her parents are Cammen Bob (271737) and Rosewood Emma (00/317561).

Until recently, we had Sue’s grandmother here; a lovely, strong and versatile bitch with a fabulous outrun. With such illustrious parentage, there’s no reason why Sue shouldn’t be a fine sheepdog.

Sue’s started her training and shows a natural inclination to keep her sheep together without hassling them. She’s smooth and steady in both directions, and stops on command. She’d make an ideal dog for a keen beginner who’s also looking for an affectionate and devoted companion.

Sue’s well behaved on and off the lead, loves people, and loves to run and play with other dogs.

Sue is now sold.


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