Started sheepdog for sale – Smudge

Unregistered started dog for sheep, cattle or poultry. Requires further training.

Photo of black and white rough coated collie dog
Smudge gets on very well with people and other dogs

Smudge is SOLD.

Smudge is a rough coated black and white (microchipped) female who was born here on 28th September 2012. This means she’s at the perfect age for sheepdog training. Both her parents are here, and both are working sheep.

Smudge’s father is our ISDS registered stud dog Eli. Her mother, Audrey, is red and white and from registered working and trialling parents. Smudge is already going around sheep quite well, and shows a keen interest in our neighbour’s cattle too, so given some more training, she should be a great all-round farm dog.

Started sheepdog for sale. Smudge
Smudge’s sire and all her grandparents are registered with the ISDS

As yet she’s not had much training, but shows great courage in close situations such as tight corners, and getting sheep away from hedges.

She flanks both ways around the sheep, although she needs widening out on her flanks, and stops quite well. Of course she lacks experience, but we’re in no doubt that Smudge will make a superb sheepdog with training. She has the potential to be a sheepdog trials dog.

The hardest part of Smudge’s training has already been done. She walks quite well on a lead and, with care, can be set up and sent off to gather a small bunch of sheep from a short distance without running off too early (though, as with nearly any keen trainee dog, she’s likely to split them up if she’s sent from too far away).

Photo of our young sheepdog Smudge holds a ball against the sunlight
Don’t believe anyone who says sheepdogs shouldn’t play games

She can also be coaxed (reluctantly) away from the sheep without having to catch her! Once she’s a few yards from the sheep, she’ll follow you back to the yard without being put on a lead.

Smudge would be ideal for a sheep / cattle farmer, or a smallholder. She’s well behaved and reasonably controllable around sheep. We believe she would be suitable for working poultry too.

Smudge is SOLD.
Away from the sheep, Smudge isn’t a “fussy” sort of dog. In keeping with her age, she has a quietly mischievous temperament, loves people and other dogs and will even retrieve a ball or frisbee. When commanded, she will leave her “prize” on the ground to be picked up. She has no behavioural problems, is good natured and fun-loving, and has a good recall.


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