Smooth coated collie puppies for sale (Sold)

There are two females available from this litter.

Every dog we sell is covered by our “no quibble” 30 day money-back guarantee, together with a free online tutorial subscription, and DVD if required.

Tricolour border collie
Kay has become a mainstay of our training courses

Kay and Oliver produced a litter of six healthy puppies on January 11th, and we have two females available to active agility, farming or sheep working homes.

The pups have been microchipped and ISDS registered.

At 7 weeks of age (4th March) all of the puppies are inquisitive and confident, spending most of the day free to explore the garden and orchard with Kay and our usual “puppy mentor”, Carew.

They will make excellent working dogs and should be easy to train provided they’re not allowed to get into a situation where the sheep challenge and frighten them while they’re still small.

Both parents of these pups can be seen working sheep

Two black and white border collies - one smooth coated and one rough coated
Oliver in the foreground

Oliver has some excellent dogs in his pedigree, coming from Kevin Evans’ and Aled Owen’s lines, but, just as importantly, he has a really lovely, calm and affectionate temperament.

Kay’s progress with us has been well documented, both on DVD and in our blog posts. She’s a super sheepdog, and a great character.

Not just strong sheepdogs, puppies from Kay’s previous litters have also done exceptionally well in agility. Like their mother, they tend to be strong-willed but extremely trainable.

Cute border collie puppy
This is Alba, one of the available girls

Although Kay is medium coated we’re assuming the puppies will be smooth coated, like Oliver.

All the puppies are black and white, well marked and rough coated, priced at £600.

Please do not text for details of dogs or pups.

We rarely sell for export and never sell through a third party.

Contact us for details of any litters later in the year.



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