Sheepdogs don’t seem to mind wet weather

Muddy sheepdogs Jan and puppy Dash

With training on hold, our dogs just play more seriously

Sheepdogs Meg and Pru playing with a dog disc
The Retriever’s Apprentice – Meg shows Pru how it’s done (for the umpteenth time)

Predictably the continuing rain fails to dampen the dogs’ spirits, and every play and exercise session is greeted with the same enthusiasm as if the weather was warm and dry.

While stylish Jan demonstrates the finer points of driving (well, creeping) for the benefit of Dash, Meg’s been putting her Frisbee understudy, Pru, through her paces.

Pru hasn’t yet grasped the concept of carrying the disc all the way back to the thrower (much to Meg’s frustration). Pru drops it at a distance, then flicks it and nudges it until Meg can’t stand it any longer and does the last bit for her.

It must feel the same as when you’re watching someone in a supermarket struggling to open those flimsy vegetable bags! Jack’s pretty sure he understands all about it and tries to step in, but it’s a rule: Meg will only work with one understudy at a time.

Sheepdog puppy Jack has his eyes on Meg's Frisbee
Oh no you don’t! You wait your turn, sonny.




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