Sheepdogs, cattle dogs and puppies for sale

If we have any dogs or pups for sale, they’ll be listed here. Feel free to browse listings of previous dogs

Border collie sheepdog puppy for sale (Sold)

Border collie sheepdog puppy for sale (Sold)

Reuben has been sold The parents of this litter, Maddie and Ezra, are both home bred and we expect the puppies to inherit their parents’ high work drive, stamina, and excellent temperaments. The available puppy is rough coated, black and white, and a great character! All our dogs work sheep but will “switch off” and relax when they aren’t working, … Read more
Registered dog puppy (Sold)

Registered dog puppy (Sold)

SORRY, Aanick has been sold Small but perfectly formed, Aanick’s big personality makes up for his lack of stature. When Aanick was born, on March 17th, he was the smallest (tiniest!) pup in a litter of 11. We feared the worst, but did our best to ensure he had the best start we could possibly give him. Luckily Aanick … Read more
A good looking border collie sheepdog, walking up toward some sheep

Started young sheepdogs and cattle dogs for sale (Sold)

In recent years we’re training fewer dogs than we used to. This often results in dogs being sold before we get around to listing them here… The dogs shown below should give you an idea of prices and working skills of our dogs, but if you’re seriously looking for a dog, it might be a good idea to contact us … Read more
Non-working collie dog for sale

Border collie for an active pet home (Sold)

CLOVIS – bred for work, but bored by sheep!
Clovis is SOLD Clovis has a calm temperament, but loves to be in on the action Clovis was born here on April 3rd 2016. His parents are both working dogs with excellent trialling pedigrees but, despite some early promise, Clovis has decided against working sheep for a living. He will, however, make … Read more
sheepdog puppy Tesla looking at the camera

Sheepdog puppies for sale (Sold)

26th March 2016: Tesla has been sold. We’re expecting two litters in early April. A few of these will be available to sheep or agility homes, so please get in touch. Tesla (known as Tes) was born on October 3rd 2015. Her sire is our stud dog, Ezra, and her dam is a working sheepdog from Shropshire. Tesla hasn’t done … Read more
Medium or smooth coated black and white border collie puppy

Puppies available (Sold)

Home bred puppies for sheep or agility All the available puppies are now SOLD. There’s a mixture of coats among the brothers – this is one of the shorter coated chaps The puppies (all male) were born on May 27th and will be ready to leave here on, or around, July 22nd. They will be ISDS registered and microchipped. The … Read more
Smooth coated collie puppies for sale (Sold)

Smooth coated collie puppies for sale (Sold)

There are two females available from this litter. Every dog we sell is covered by our “no quibble” 30 day money-back guarantee, together with a free online tutorial subscription, and DVD if required. Kay has become a mainstay of our training courses Kay and Oliver produced a litter of six healthy puppies on January 11th, and we have two females … Read more
A closeup of a new born border collie puppy

Kay and Ollie’s new family! (Sold)

Take a really close look at Kay & Oliver’s pups Click any thumbnail to see the picture at full size, then click the image to see the next one. Feeding time brings competition for the best places If you must look at my puppies, please be careful. Just a few hours old and already crawling around Kay keeps a close … Read more
Border collie puppy, bred for work and already showing style and confidence

For sheep or agility – collie pups available

There’s only one puppy still available from this litter. Although you still have a choice of pup the rest are all ours. Every dog we sell is covered by our “no quibble” 30 day money-back guarantee, together with a free online tutorial subscription, and DVD if required. Even at 6 weeks of age, not everyone entirely trusts a photographer. (Click … Read more
Two young border collie puppies looking sternly at the camera!

Keen Sheepdog Puppy for Sale

Parents are dual registered (ISDS and Kennel Club) and DNA tested Normal for CEA ALL THE AVAILABLE PUPPIES HAVE NOW BEEN SOLD Every dog we sell is covered by our “no quibble” 30 day money-back guarantee, together with a free sheepdog training DVD if required. What’s this then? What’s going on? The pups are very playful and responsive Meg’s a … Read more
Border Collie sheepdog Zak's a handsome dog

Started sheepdog for sale – Zak

Zak’s a handsome young sheepdog whose work’s improving daily Every dog we sell is covered by our “no quibble” 30 day money-back guarantee and sheepdog training DVD, if required. Zak’s a delightful, sociable dog, ideal for a smallholder Zak is sold. Zak is a black and white, rough coated, microchipped Border Collie. He’s approximately eighteen months old and from ISDS … Read more
Photo of black and white rough coated collie dog

Started sheepdog for sale – Smudge

Unregistered started dog for sheep, cattle or poultry. Requires further training. Smudge gets on very well with people and other dogs Smudge is SOLD. Smudge is a rough coated black and white (microchipped) female who was born here on 28th September 2012. This means she’s at the perfect age for sheepdog training. Both her parents are here, and both are … Read more
Photo of started sheepdog - Sue

Started sheepdog for sale – Sue

Sue’s a sweet natured dog, who could become a lovely sheepdog Sue is now sold Sue just started training, and has good potential Recently, our workload has increased drastically, and unfortunately, time available for training sheepdogs is very short, so we’ve taken the difficult decision to sell some of the dogs that we intended to keep and train. Sue’s an … Read more
Photo of working sheepdog Ness

Trained sheepdog for sale – Rosewood Ness

Registered skilled sheepdog – flock work, outrun, lift, fetch, driving, shed and pen. Ness is a lovely dog, although she can be a little nervous of strangers until she gets to know them Ness is SOLD (subject to her 30 day trial). Rosewood Ness (ISDS: 00/307030) is a delightful friendly, rough coated black and white female who was born on … Read more
Glen looking stylish as he walks up on some sheep

Relevant sheepdog skills and their prices – UK

The various levels of a sheepdog’s skills and their prices can be confusing Dan – a powerful sheep and cattle dog In recent years UK sheepdog and cattle dog prices have increased dramatically, despite the fluctuating prices of farm animals sold at market. To put an accurate price on a sheepdog can be very difficult but we try to be … Read more