Sheepdog vs stubborn sheep

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Carew’s patient determination when a sheep gets difficult

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Just under a week ago, we exchanged our well-chased sheep for some fresh ones. The new bunch of sheep comprises several breeds, including pure Welsh, speckle-faced, and mules. There are even two black sheep in there!


Sheepdog vs stubborn sheep!

Some of the newcomers can be surprisingly stubborn sheep when they want to be. This is a short video of the confrontation between Carew and one of the more obstinate Welsh sheep yesterday morning. When you’re moving sheep around or getting them into a pen occasionally one or more sheep get left behind. This sheep was worried as a result of finding herself separated from the rest of the flock. They’d all gone into the pen but instead of trotting in there to join them, this one decided to challenge Carew.

Regular readers of our blog won’t need telling who won! Viewers are sure to find our sheepdog vs stubborn sheep video amusing. Notice how patient Carew is. At the same time, she keeps coming on very slowly. She shows the sheep that she’s no pushover when it comes to a herding sheepdog vs stubborn sheep situation.

Note also that I’m encouraging and gently commanding Carew all the time – giving her lots of reassurance. This helps to build a dog’s confidence.


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  1. Diana avatar

    I would love a video on training a dog to handle stubborn sheep patiently, until a nose nip is needed.

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