Sheepdog Training Tutorials – Volume 2 now in stock

The second of our tutorial 2xDVD sets for those who prefer DVD to watching online

Promotional pic of our Sheepdog Training Tutorials 2xDVD set

We’re pleased to announce to all those who’ve been waiting patiently for Volume Two of our collected Sheepdog Training Tutorials – it’s here!

The PAL and NTSC format version are in stock and already shipping throughout the world.

You don’t need to worry about which format to order because we always send the correct DVD for your location.

A wonderful gift for anyone who wants to train a sheepdog, Volume Two has sixteen chapters ranging from basic training – such as getting a good stop on a stubborn dog and how to get the dog to bring the sheep out of a training ring – through to more advanced work such as training the dog to circle the sheep on command, and a two chapter introduction to sheepdog trials.

IN STOCK and shipping worldwide NOW!

Now in FOUR great (2 Disc) VolumesTop


With nearly FOURTEEN HOURS of our SHEEPDOG TRAINING TUTORIALS now available as FOUR double DVD sets, you can SAVE up to 20% if you buy all four, together with our original “First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training” DVD set. More details. OR BETTER-STILL – watch ONLINE!


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