Sheepdog training suspended because of bad weather - sheep standing in snow

Sadly, our current sheepdog training courses must be suspended because of recent bad weather. It has been snowing heavily and we have been snow-bound for a week. There is no sign of a thaw either. In fact, more snow is forecast over the next few days.

In addition to this, because the ground here is heavy clay, it doesn’t drain very well. This means the field may be unusable for several weeks after the snow thaws. We’re looking at alternative ways to run our courses again as soon as possible.

We apologise for having to suspend our sheepdog training courses.

Please keep in touch with us here on The Working Sheepdog Website if you are interested in training dogs to work sheep, cattle or other livestock.
Andy & Gill



  1. They don’t mind the snow as long as they can get their feed and water but people think they can dig for their food. It takes more energy to dig for it than they get back from the feed.

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