Sheepdog Training FAQ

Frequently asked questions about sheepdog and cattle dog training

Click a topic link or scroll down for frequently asked questions about sheepdog and cattle dog training. Feel free to ask a new sheepdog training question below or privately via our Contact page. Watch our sheepdog training videos.

  1. Afraid of sheep or cattlewhat to do if your dog’s afraid of livestock.
  2. Attacking cattlefind out how to control your dog better when it’s working.
  3. Barkingfind out why the dog barks, and how to stop it.
  4. Biting sheep’s facesa fairly easily-fixed confidence problem.
  5. Calling away from stockget your dog to come away from sheep or cattle.
  6. Chasing carsand anything else that moves.
  7. Darting at sheep if they movethe dog’s “getting the idea”, but needs guidance!
  8. Dog won’t go round the sheep – get your dog to flank around sheep and bring them to you.
  9. Different reactions of sheep near dogswhy sheep respond differently to different dogs.
  10. Familiarising dogs with sheepit’s great to get the dog used to sheep, find out how.
  11. Flank around stock both waysit’s essential to get the dog working well in both directions.
  12. Get sheep away from fenceshow to get the sheep where the dog can go around them.
  13. Going too wide around stockfind out how to get your dog to work closer to the stock.
  14. Good recalltrain your dog to come back when you call.
  15. Help for new trainers.
  16. Huntaway or Blue Heeler dogs.
  17. Killing sheepwhat to do with a dog which has killed sheep.
  18. Living in the housewill it ‘spoil’ the dog’s farm work?
  19. Older dogscan you teach an old dog new tricks?
  20. Retirement age for the dogat what age should we retire our dogs?
  21. Send the dog from your sidesetting the dog up for an outrun.
  22. Slow the dog downlearn to work the dog quietly, and keep it calm.
  23. Stopping sheep going into penwhy the dog does this, and how to stop it.
  24. Stop shouting at the doglearn to work the dog quietly, and keep it calm.
  25. Speed the dog upif the dog works too slowly, here’s how to speed it up!
  26. Splitting sheephow to encourage the dog to keep the sheep together.
  27. Tail positionhow the dog carries its tail as it works, tells us a lot.
  28. Will the dog work sheep? Signs to look for, and how to encourage the dog.
  29. Working without commandssuch as at the top of the outrun.
  30. Work a flock of sheepmoving on to work big bunches of sheep.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for among the frequently asked questions about sheepdog and cattle dog training above, feel free to ask a question yourself, using the form below. (We try to answer questions within a day or so). (Top)

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