Training Huntaway or Blue Heeler ‘driving’ dogs (FAQ)

QUESTION: I’m getting a Huntaway to work my sheep and cattle. I can’t find any Huntaway or Blue Heeler specific training on the internet. Are they the same as Border Collies?

ANSWER: The basics such as general dog behaviour and discipline around stock, are exactly the same. Huntaways and Blue Heelers work in a different way to collies. Their purpose is PUSHING big mobs of stock, whereas the Border Collie (and to a slightly lesser extent, Kelpies) will work with more precision.

Huntaway dog herding a bunch of sheep towards some farm buildings

Collies are especially good for sending out to GATHER the sheep and bring them to you. Huntaways and Heelers need to be positioned behind the stock and they’ll PUSH them home.

Good drivers

This means the ‘Driving‘ sections of our Online Tutorials will be very useful for any shepherd farmer or stockman who wants to get the best out of their Huntaway or Blue Heeler herding dog.

There! You probably know as much or even more about Huntaways and Blue Heelers than I do now. A reputable breeder should give you advice on training the dog.


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