Sheepdog Training 7 – Be firm fair and consistent

Close-up photo of Border Collie trainee sheepdog Cotton (looking confused)

Be FIRM, FAIR and CONSISTENT with your dog.

Being consistent is one of the most important factors in successful training but it can go too far.

From the dog’s point of view, we should feed them at the same time every day, visit them at the same time and take them out training at the same time.

They would love this strict pattern of behaviour but is not practical or desirable for us as we want them to be versatile and able to cope with the unexpected.

Just as it’s unwise to always train the dog on the same sheep in the same field at the same time, so it’s worth moving some of the other patterns of the dogs life around in the interests of versatility.

The one pattern which should remain constant is your bond with the dog. The more unshakeable it is, the better the two of you’ll get along. So if you must allow your dog to jump up, make sure you don’t mind it happening when you’re in your best suit   worse still, at the post in the International!

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