Sheepdog Training 12 – Control your temper

Close-up photo of a Border Collie Sheepdog lying on the ground, looking pensive

Control your temper – your dog will sense your mood.

If you’re training a sheepdog and you find yourself getting angry, there are two simple choices open to you:

1. Control Your Temper
2. End the session.

We’re only human, and we all get cross from time to time, but there’s really no point in going on with a training session if you’re cross with your dog. The dog’s training is very likely to get worse, rather than better if you’re angry with it.

Nothing confuses a dog more than an angry handler or trainer – and sarcasm is a disaster. Your bad mood is likely to make the dog nervous, and that will lead to mistakes, which will make you still more angry, and so on.

The vast majority of things that make a training session go wrong are the fault of the trainer, and NOT the dog. When you understand sheepdog training, you will know that’s true.

Our Online Training Tutorial “The Golden Rule of Sheepdog Training” covers this subject (by monthly or annual membership).

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