Sheepdog Recreation Time

Border Collie Scylla jumps to catch a falling Kong

Our dogs love to play just as hard as they work

Every day of the year, our dogs go out morning and evening for at least an hour of hard play. Whatever the weather, they love nothing more than to race around after frisbees and balls and Scylla (above) is no exception. She loves to monopolise a certain toy for the duration of their playtime.

Sheepdogs playing with a frisbee
Bronwen jumps to catch a frisbee with Pippin and Kelpies Tucker and Molly looking on

Scylla’s litter sister Bronwen prefers a frisbee and will jump to catch one high in the air, but unlike Scylla, Bronwen’s happy to share and take turns with the other dogs.

Both dogs will reliably bring their toy and place it carefully by your feet but curiously, Scylla always places the toy just in front of you, while Bronwen leaves hers immediately behind you!

Subscribers to our online sheep and cattle dog tutorials can watch a series of videos comparing the training of Scylla and Bronwen who have completely different temperaments, despite being litter sisters.




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