Sheepdog Puppy Jack – Update

Close up picture of a very pretty tricolour border collie puppy with fluffy coat and white tips on its ears

Jack’s settling in very well with the bigger dogs

puppy Jack tries to get the toy away from Dash
Jack tries to get the torn-up football away from his friend Dash

Since Jack moved here, in early December, we’ve been very impressed with him, and not just because he’s such a striking looking puppy. Jack’s curious, and quietly confident whenever he’s faced with a new situation.

Confidence is vital in a sheepdog, so we’re obviously encouraged by Jack’s relaxed manner.

The downside of a confident dog can be its effect on the dog’s obedience but, thankfully, although it’s still very early days, Jack seems to be more than happy to do as he’s asked. (Time will tell.)

All in all, Jack seems to be a thoroughly nice young dog. Mischievous at times, yes of course, but he’s keen to please and that’s very important. As you’ll see from the picture, he doesn’t mind getting wet and muddy either.

Sheepdog puppy Jack doesn't mind getting wet and muddy
Jack doesn’t let minor details like muddy water worry him


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4 responses to “Sheepdog Puppy Jack – Update”

  1. Francois and Yvonne De Brucker-Hollyoak avatar
    Francois and Yvonne De Brucker-Hollyoak

    Jack is not only beautiful, he has that eager, daring, cheeky temperament that I love in a dog.
    My two girls would adore him for sure.
    Choco and Kate

    1. Jack”s a cheeky young fella, Francois – this morning he climbed out of the yard again!

  2. Francois and Yvonne De Brucker-Hollyoak avatar
    Francois and Yvonne De Brucker-Hollyoak

    I am also interested to hear and see more of Jack. My current sheep dog Kate is also white and I find her very beautiful. She is a bit too enthusiastic, when she sees the sheep, but gradually we are becoming a team. Yvonne Hollyoak

  3. Marie Kostos avatar
    Marie Kostos

    I can’t wait too more pictures and hear about Jack’s adventure’s. Not only he is cute, but Jack is also destined to become a Hooligan!

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