Sheepdog puppies for sale (Sold)

sheepdog puppy Tesla looking at the camera

26th March 2016: Tesla has been sold.

We’re expecting two litters in early April. A few of these will be available to sheep or agility homes, so please get in touch.

Tesla (known as Tes) was born on October 3rd 2015. Her sire is our stud dog, Ezra, and her dam is a working sheepdog from Shropshire.

Tesla hasn’t done any serious training yet, but she’s shown us that she’s keen to work. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view!) we have a few young dogs at the moment and, as they’ll all be ready for training at the same time, we’re looking for an active home for Tesla.

Tes mixes well with all the other dogs, and is friendly and affectionate with people, but she’s happy to entertain herself when left on her own. She’s quite obedient for her age, with a good recall, and happy to hop into her pen when playtime’s over. Although she lives outside at present, Tes would be easy to house train, and will make a lovely companion.

Female border collie sheepdog puppy for sale
Tesla, with Ezra in the background

For anyone looking for a sheepdog to train up for themselves, Tes would be an ideal choice. She’s keen, but likes to please, and has proved she’ll work; and being that little bit older than a “new” puppy, there’s not so long to wait before she can start training.

Tes is ISDS registered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. She’s being offered to an active, preferably working, home and will come with the usual 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a free subscription to the online tutorials and a free place on a training course (if it would be helpful – we don’t insist!)

Our puppy pricing policy

Our eight week old ISDS registered puppies normally sell for £600.00 each.

If you buy a puppy of that age, there’s a small chance that it will not want to work sheep. This is not a reflection on the breeding or welfare of the puppy, it just happens from time to time. For a farmer, this can be a big problem. You might keep the puppy until it’s a year old, and then have to face the fact that you’re family is very attached to the dog, but it’s clearly not going to be a sheepdog. So now you have an unwanted pet – and worse, the urgency for getting a sheepdog is increasing. You may even have to buy an older dog so that you can begin training straight away.

Once a puppy is “showing” or taking a keen interest in sheep, unless you ruin the dog by allowing the sheep or some other factor to damage its confidence, you’re virtually guaranteed that puppy will work sheep. Isn’t it worth paying a little extra for the peace of mind? We are happy to demonstrate this puppy with sheep, if required.



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