Getting the sheep into the training ring

Title image of our sheepdog training tutorial - Getting the sheep into the ring.

Put your sheep in place before you start training

New sheepdog handlers who’ve built themselves a training ring often ask themselves: “How can I put my sheep into the training ring if I don’t have a trained dog?” It’s a fair question! You can’t start to train until the sheep are inside the ring.

Watch Getting the Sheep the Ring. Using a blend of live action and animation, this tutorial shows you how to do just that, even without the use of a trained sheepdog. And it also contains other useful information to help you with your sheepdog training.

Sheep can be particularly difficult at times, typically when they’re herded towards a sorting race or training ring. This 20 minute tutorial demonstrates several techniques to try, depending on your individual circumstances and resources. We show how even an untrained dog can be a help when you need to put sheep into the training ring, or other enclosed area.

There’s more information about sheep in the Sheep Behaviour category on the video library. Look for “Sheep – Essential facts for trainers” and “Woolly jumpers” – what to do if you’re faced with a flock of escapologists! Or see “Why do some sheep run away from dogs and others don’t?” on our FAQ page.

Getting your sheep into the training ring is just the start!

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