Scylla sits still, and Dora steps out

I wrote about Scylla’s arrival in my last blog, but at that time she refused to pose for her photograph.

Beautiful tricolour collie bitch puppy, relaxing in the woods
Finally! Scylla keeps still long enough to get a decent photo

She appeared on lots of photos, but was just a blur so we had to wait for her legs to get tired. It took a while. We think she’s lovely, and with her father Eli’s characteristic white smudge on her nose she feels like a part of the family already.

Most people have Easter eggs and hot cross buns for Easter (actually, so did we) but we were also lucky enough to have another new puppy. Dora is blue merle bitch, a service pup by our Eli and from Andy’s daughter Ruth’s ISDS registered red merle bitch, Trim. Dora’s a bit of a departure for us, we’ve always avoided merles. Andy would have a yard full of rough coated tricolours, by choice, and I’d have a yard full of smooth coated prick eared black and white dogs. If we feel adventurous having red and white Audrey about the place, Dora seems positively exotic!

Lovely blue merle bitch puppy
Dora seemed to enjoy her first foray into the woods

It makes her very easy to spot amidst the usual sea of black, white and tan fur.

Dora arrived on Good Friday, and this morning she decided she was brave enough (or foolhardy enough) to join in the wood walk with everyone else. She’s already proved that, though small, she won’t be pushed around, and she seemed perfectly happy climbing over and clambering through all the overgrown places that the dogs love to explore. I think that, for dogs, going through the wood in the morning is like catching up with the news headlines. They have special (usually smelly) places they just have to visit, and particular spots that need to be dug over and examined to see who’s been there since last night, and the novelty never seems to wear off. They’ve particularly enjoyed the longer walks recently while Andy’s been experimenting with a new camera, and capturing the spring flowers and young foliage.

A group of collies, of all ages, climbs over a fallen tree in the wood
Dora (far left) soon learned that going over the top is the quickest route

It’s tricky though. You have to try to take the photo while the dogs are looking the other way, or at least try not to look too interested in anything. If you bend down to look at a new cowslip, or frame a group of perfect bluebells, you just know someone’s big hairy paw will eventually land right in the middle of it – usually followed by Ezra’s black nose in the lens with a “Whassup?” look on his face.




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