Registered dog – suitable for an active pet home

Smooth coated collie dog for active non-working home
Preston certainly has the pose of a proper working sheepdog!

Preston is SOLD

Preston, and his brother Warwick, were bought as 8-week old puppies, with a view to training them as sheepdogs.

However, Preston really doesn’t want to work with sheep, so we’ve reluctantly decided he’ll be happier in an active pet home. He’d almost certainly enjoy agility or obedience training, or, if you keep livestock and would like a companion who won’t chase your pedigree flock – Preston could be ideal!

Smooth coated Border collie pup
Taken when Preston was a little younger, but he still has those wayward ears!

Black and white, smooth coated Preston was born on March 12th 2013; he’s microchipped and ISDS registered.

He’s a friendly chap. He enjoys playing with all the other dogs, but loves to get some one-to-one attention when he has the opportunity.

Unfortunately, because our workload has increased dramatically recently and because he doesn’t want to work sheep (although this can almost certainly be put right with the correct patient training) Preston’s opportunities for quality time are too few and far between.

He really needs a home where he can be appreciated for himself.

Smooth coated ISDS collie

Although still very young, Preston gets on very well with people. He’s calm and obedient, not a barker or a chewer, and is a lovely character who’s very eager to please.

He lives in an outside kennel with a run so he isn’t house-trained, but older dogs are generally easier to house train than puppies and we think he’d adapt well to the luxury of an indoor life.

Preston is SOLD

For the benefit of both dog and owner, we’re very careful about the homes that our dogs go to.




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