Puppy Mew at sixteen weeks

Side on photo of Mew, facing the camera

Four months old and full of life, Mew’s a real character

Close up of Kelpie Molly, facing the camera, with border collie puppies Maddie and Mew close behind her
Young Kelpie Molly’s another of our favourites. Here she has a very serious-looking young Maddie, and her friend Mew in close attendance, with Isla in the background.

Some very welcome sunshine this morning prompted me to take the camera out with me when I took the dogs for their twice-daily run.

I noticed that Mew’s still eager to get into whatever picture I’m taking, while her close friend Maddie (from Kay and Oliver) is more camera-shy.

Mew and Maddie’s characters are very different. Maddie’s very serious and already taking an interest in sheep, while Mew seems to think that life’s just a huge game!

That doesn’t stop them being great friends though, especially when there’s a ball nearby!


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