Pics of the day: The morning run

Blue merle border collie sheep dog puppy

A random selection of sheepdogs, out and about

Border collie and kelpie dogs in the sunshine
Odo and William may be different breeds, but they have the same interests: “Is it me, or do those sheep need tidying up?”

If a fox were to carry a Frisbee, then it would look like this. I say “if”, but we’re pretty sure that foxes do carry the dog toys out of the field sometimes. We’ve found long-lost soft toys a couple of fields away – and extremely pungent!

Tricolour border collies playing with  a Frisbee (dog disc)
Bronwen’s tail tells a tale of mud…

I agree that a Beardie owner needs a sense of humour (something I was told when we first had Lottie) but one sense a Beardie owner doesn’t need is acute hearing. Make no mistake, Lottie is a hairy joy to have around, but does she have to keep up a running commentary?

Bearded collie with a Border collie puppy
“Ouch, Lottie, your beard tickles!”

And finally, one of my favourite photos of all time. Not recent (frighteningly 2012) but we still have the same ethos – all our sheepdogs are pets first, working dogs second, and this picture shows why we love to have so many of these wonderful animals around us.

Black and white and red and white border collie dogs playing with a ball
“My ball I think, ladies!”

Style is as style does. Pip and Meg can’t believe they missed that ball, but they do look magnificent!




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