Pic of the day – Puppies! Hurrah!

We’re delighted that one of our favourite collies, Isla, has produced a litter of seven fabulous puppies.

Lovely black and white border collie with litter of day old puppies
Isla’s puppies will soon get used to wet legs – family commitments won’t keep Isla out of the ditches

Of course we’re just assuming, at the moment, that they’ll be fabulous, but with Isla for a mother, and a father like Ezra, what else could they possibly be?

The puppies, four girls and three boys, were born 5 days earlier than we expected, but this is Isla’s first litter so we didn’t have any history to guide us.

When it comes to the timing of whelping, each female tends to have their own patterns. Kay, for example, has always been two days early. Or our arithmetic is so bad that we’re always two days late.

Border collie with puppies and a large squeaky toy
It’s never too soon to introduce the concept of toys – apparently

Isla’s final puppy was born in the early hours of Sunday morning, and at 9am it was business as usual for her and she was out in the field with everyone else.

True, she did return to do a head count from time to time, but it was clear she had no intention of missing out on any action.

When Isla did come in to stay with the puppies, she brought her favourite toy back with her.

I don’t know if this was for the benefit of the puppies, or just to prevent anyone else from playing with it in her absence.

We’re very excited about our first Isla/Ezra litter; there are sure to be some real characters!




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