Pic of the day: Post “Storm Imogen”

Australian Kelpie sheepdog puppy, looking stylish

After five days in Storm Imogen’s clutches…

…the dogs are enjoying some watery sunshine, and Tucker’s looking stylish.

Border collie with Kelpie puppy
One dog’s perch is another (smaller) dog’s shelter!

We’ve had a wet and windy few days, in common with most of the UK of course. Although we still made sure that the dogs had their usual exercise sessions, it always seems unfair to bring the dogs out simply to get them soaked before we put them away again.

Naturally, most of the dogs hardly seem to notice the inclement weather or the mud they take back to bed with them.

In this instance, Kay and Tucker are the exceptions. While the others run out and play, Kay’s quite happy to stay in the yard, sheltering under an overhanging roof, and can often be found pressing herself against her pen door in a less than subtle hint.

Tucker, too, is a fair weather dog. He’s living in the back porch with the puppies (Jazz, now Daz, and Dell aka Mist) and is very reluctant to leave the porch for even the shortest time when it’s raining outside. However, with the help of his two small and adoring sidekicks, he can create havoc from the comfort of his bed.

Tricolour Border collie with wall eye (one blue and one brown eye)
As the only girl, and the smallest pup, in a litter of seven, Immie quickly developed a robust sense of fun

I don’t know the rationale behind storm naming but, as I understand it, “Imogen” variously means innocent, smallest and/or last born. The first is unsuitable for a storm, and the other two you can only use with hindsight.

However, in 2011 I named a puppy, Imogen. She was not only the last born in the litter, she was also the smallest (and the only female) so I felt justified. Any mention of the name Imogen now reminds me of our “Immie”, who became a lovely sheepdog and had quite as much character as you’d expect when you look at that face.

We were forced to overlook the “innocent”. Well, you can’t have everything and, as Shakespeare asked,”What’s in a name?”




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