Pic of the Day: One last Kelpie fix

Perhaps the Kelpies have been getting more than their fair share of “Pic of the Day” attention recently.

Trouble is, they’re so darned cute…

Will and Tucker are best friends and, although Tucker’s tiny and Will’s adolescent (Will could easily flatten Tucker if he felt inclined) they get along really well.

Red and tan and black and tan Australian Kelpies

Well, perhaps not so easily flattened – Tucker’s nothing if not a plucky chap – but he still likes to have Will on hand when they’re out exploring with the Big Dogs.

William has been with us for a fortnight now, and is beginning to settle in. We can always tell when a dog’s settling in because he (or she) starts to show signs of testing the boundaries. Finding out whether he really REALLY has to come back into the yard with everyone else. And once in the yard, testing whether we really REALLY want him back in his pen.

It can be tedious for a day or two, but you can’t blame a dog, especially a high-spirited, high-drive dog, for trying.

Gorgeous red and tan Australian Kelpie sheepdog
“Coming to get yer…”

I don’t know if it’s connected, but I know that when I had all my collies living in the house (well, there were only five) and needed to house train them, regardless of age they would take about 3 days to house train (if that). After a couple days of being completely reliable, there would be 24 hours when the dog could give the impression of never having had this house training lark explained at all!

Once through that one day, the dog was house trained for good.

I used to think it was just the dog asking: “Now, just let’s make sure I’m clear on this…”, but perhaps it was really testing my resolve.

Anyway, Will’s testing might be inconvenient but it won’t last long. I must remind myself of that, when I’m freezing, up to my ankles in mud, in a howling gale and short of time, but it’s hard to sound patient and inviting between gritted teeth.




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