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You CAN have brains and beauty!

Oliver is Gill's favourite of all our collies

Oliver is our “other” stud dog. Ezra considers himself to be the Main Man, generally swaggering around the place looking self-important, but Oliver is a quieter, more gentle character.

Smooth coated border collie father and daughter
Kay’s daughter Jet, with her father Oliver in the background. That grey rosette in Jet’s tail is Oliver’s trademark in his puppies.

He has the sweetest nature, which he passes on to his puppies. Jet, our skinny little smooth coated bitch, is one of Oliver’s daughters and although she’s a lean, mean hunting machine she’s also extremely affectionate and very polite.

Of course, Kay would argue that it takes input from both parents to produce such a lovely temperament. She might be right. Luckily, not every characteristic gets passed down, even when both parents have it.

Jet loves to play and dig, but happily hasn’t inherited Oliver’s and Kay’s passion for fresh cow pats.




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