Pic of the day: Frosty dogs

Border collie and Kelpie in the frost

Whatever the weather, the dogs are always ready for the morning run and don’t seem to notice the temperature.

Bearded collie and kelpie in the frost
“Sorry – can’t stop!”

Can’t say the same for Andy and me, but even frost and fog have compensations.

It took strength of will to get me out into the cold this morning but, as is often the case with weather, it seems worse when you look at it from indoors.

Kelpie, Beardie and Border collie
William (left) and Tesla on the right, watch Lottie intensely to see what on Earth she’ll do next

Once wrapped up and outside, with the dogs rushing joyfully around us, the frost and fog managed to look pretty.

The low temperature was freezing the dogs’ breath on their eyebrows and whiskers as they ran. It’s a look that particularly suits Lottie, as she has the bushiest eyebrows (if you don’t count Andy’s).

Even the puppies didn’t seem to mind the cold, and Kelpie William had his fair share of frosting too.

But it doesn’t mean I wasn’t perfectly happy to get back indoors to the porridge!




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