Our Relentless Pursuit of Excellence!

Screen shot showing the new categories and tutorial thumbnails in the tutorials library

With 60 tutorials in the library it’s time we made it easier to find what you want.

In our relentless pursuit of the “Perfect User Experience” (is there such a thing as the “perfect user”) we’ve made it much easier to find your way around our Sheepdog Training Tutorials.

Now you can scroll through thumbnails and brief descriptions of all sixty tutorials with the most recent at the top. Alternatively, search by category to limit your choice to those you’re interested in at the moment.

If you prefer the old list layout, we’ve made it alphabetical and you’ll find it here here.

Go to the Tutorials Library to see the new layout!


2 responses to “Our Relentless Pursuit of Excellence!”

  1. Iwilta Lacy avatar
    Iwilta Lacy

    I love the new look! But after the change I can’t get the videos to play and on the top of the page were your posts and likes and such are kept in a “mail box” no longer opens. But it looks great! Love it!

    1. Glad you like the new look Iwilta, but please use the CONTACT form to report technical problems. We are able to deal with them more easily (and usually more quickly) that way.
      As before when you reported that you couldn’t watch the videos, you need to empty the CACHE of your browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc). Alternatively, see whether you can watch on a different device. If you can, it further supports the theory that your browser cache needs emptying.
      By the “mail box” I think you must be referring to the menu that appeared at the top of the page. That’s no longer there, but there are menu buttons lower on every page.

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