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Border Collie Sheepdog Puppy - Jack (looking very cute)

We hope you like the new layout for the website

Kay standing outside her pen, feeding some of her puppies
Kay’s allowing the pups a quick snack before she joins the other dogs on their morning run

We’ve been meaning to get around to updating the website for some time, because we’re aware that many of you visit The Working Sheepdog Website via phones and other devices.

This design should be much more visible on all devices, but please let us know if you encounter any problems.

Our new layout means all the latest news and articles will appear on the front page, but the information, videos pictures and articles will still be very easy to find.

Four week old puppies finding their way out into the big world
At four weeks of age, three of Kay and Eli’s pups go exploring

Kay and Eli’s pups are just over four weeks old now, and they’re getting bolder every day. There are five in the litter, three males and two females. All of them are doing really well – plump and with glossy coats. They are all spoken for, but we do have some other pups. Eli’s the father of these little ones too. They’re a week old today.

We’d prefer not to have more than one litter at a time, but when female mammals live together they synchronise their breeding cycles, so we get “all or nothing”. Ideally, we’d like a steady supply of just enough pups to train as sheepdogs, but it’s very difficult to achieve.

Red and white border collie sheepdog, Audrey
Audrey has a litter of pups by Eli. They are seven days old today (19th Dec 2013)

Just like Kay’s, Audrey’s pups are coming along nicely – with glossy coats and full tummies. We intend to keep some of them for training but, all being well, some will be available for sale when we’ve made our choice.

Although Audrey’s red and white, none of these pups are marked the same as their mother. Audrey’s from ISDS registered parents but she wasn’t registered when we bought her, so the puppies won’t be registered either. It won’t prevent them from being great sheepdogs, of course. We kept three girls from Audrey and Eli’s last litter and they all became excellent working dogs, easy to train and with lovely temperaments.

Border Collie Sheepdog puppy Jack pauses for a drink
New boy Jack’s proving to be a great character (and yes, he DOES have a tail, but it won’t keep still for a photograph)

Just over a week ago, we bought a lovely puppy called Jack. He’s from ISDS registered parents and a proper little character. He’s very plucky, and being nearly all white he really stands out from the other dogs, so it’s appropriate that he has a temperament to suit!

Normally, if you put a puppy in the footwell of the car it will stay there, but not Jack. He loves to get up on the back of the seats and sit, tail wagging, watching the world go by!

We can’t wait for the time when Jack’s old enough to start training on sheep.

Smooth coated, prick-eared border collie sheepdog, Ned
Ned has a lovely character – and works well with sheep

Another newcomer to the pack is Ned. He’s a smooth coated prick-eared dog with a gentle, friendly temperament, and we’re very impressed with his sheep work. He’s steady and reliable, giving the sheep plenty of room and not flustering them.

When he arrived here, about ten days ago, he settled in with the other dogs immediately.

We had intended to train him up to a higher level and then sell him, but we like him so much, it’s clearly going to be difficult to part with him.

The third newcomer to Kings Green Farm is Jan. She’s one of those dogs that just can’t seem to stop! Constantly finding things to do, if she’s not playing with a plastic bottle, she’s swimming in whatever source of water she can find, but when it comes to working sheep her attention is fully focussed on them.

Sheepdog Jan playing with an empty plastic bottle
Jan’s a proper “live wire”, full of fun and constantly “on the go”!

Jan’s a lovely dog to work. She has an excellent stop, can pen the sheep, push them through a sorting race, and get them back out of a pen cleanly. She’s starting to drive too.

Just like Ned, we bought Jan with a view to improving her training and selling her but, to be honest, we’re so fond of her already, I think she might be going to stay here at Kings Green Farm.




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