Our First Working Kelpie – RED!

Working Kelpie Sheepdog, Red at twelve weeks of age.
Working Kelpie Sheepdog, Red at twelve weeks of age.

Handsome boy! This is Red, our first working kelpie sheepdog.

A new venture – training a Kelpie farm dog.

For some months now, we’ve wanted to train a Kelpie. They’re very popular in Australia of course, but you don’t see them winning sheepdog trials here in the UK – at least, not to my knowledge.

Australian farmers use Kelpies for moving larger mobs of sheep. The working Kelpie rushes around, making a noise. They also run along the backs of tightly packed sheep in a yard or sorting race. A somewhat different way of sheep management to the quieter, precise Border Collies common in the British Isles!

We wanted to find out more about training a working Kelpie sheepdog, so we looked around for some good working lines, and took the plunge.

The result is Red! At just 12 weeks of age, Red shows every sign of being a keen, brave young working Kelpie sheep dog. He has plenty of self-confidence, is obedient and has also adapted to his new home quickly. Our first impression is that it looks as though we have just the material we’re looking for to train a Kelpie to work sheep.

We will be writing a blog about Red’s training alongside a Border Collie puppy, Mossie. Find out how we got along with Kelpie Red’s training and how he compares with a Collie, by following the working Kelpie vs Collie training blog.


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2 responses to “Our First Working Kelpie – RED!”

  1. Catherine avatar

    Very nice ! Could you tell us which stud he is coming from ? Who are his parents ? Good luck with your pup !

    1. Thanks Catherine,
      Red’s from a sheep farm near Brecon in South Wales (UK).
      His sire is Beacons (UK) Bruce and his dam is Elidyr (UK) Firefly

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