Our Favourite Border Collie Videos

Some of our favourite videos involving Border Collies

Dirty Tackle!

This is one of the videos we love best – it uses our dogs!

Dirty Tackle is one of a series of viral ads we made in August 2007 with the production company Maverick Media. The video was created to promote the Football Manager computer game. The video features in the “Mel” chapter on our DVD – Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!

Maverick approached us with the challenge of getting a sheepdog to do a sliding tackle on a sheep! At first we thought it was impossible, but between ourselves and Maverick, we devised a way of doing it. See for yourself whether it looks convincing! The Mel chapter on Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty! shows some behind the scenes video footage shot during the making of “Dirty Tackle”.

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Water Sport!

Featuring: Dennis, Jim, Amber & Kasia

This is a chapter from our DVD – Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!
It’s just one of the 14 great chapters on the DVD which we made here at Kings Green Farm.
Dennis, Jim and Kassie get deeply involved with the water jet in the yard, while Amber does her own crazy thing with a water trough out in the field.

There was absolutely no training involved . . . just an awful lot of fun (and some careful shielding of the camera from water splashes).
Dennis is a pup from Glen and Mel. Jim’s parents are Glen and Pearl. Kassie’s father is Aled Owen’s Bob.

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Border Collie e Carlito

Freestyle Heelwork to Music at its best!

Border Collie e Carlito is another of our very favourite YouTube Videos. This is Freestyle Heelwork to Music (dog dancing) at its very best – if watching it doesn’t fill your heart with joy, we don’t know what will!

Anyone who wants to know how intelligent a Border Collie is would do well to start their research here with this movie! The performance is excellent throughout but watch out for the part when the dog steals the show completely by dancing apparently “to the crowd” – Simply amazing!

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Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!

Featuring: Glen, Mel, Pearl, Dennis, Jim, Nobby, Amber & Kasia (and many more)!

In this trailer, you’ll see a brief sample of each of the main chapters. When you’ve enjoyed it, just imagine how lovely the full seventy five minute DVD will be!

Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty! was our first venture into the world of DVD production. It’s certainly done us proud and has been enjoyed by border collie enthusiasts all over the world. The feedback we’ve received has been wonderful – and at times very touching.

It’s just six minutes long but gives a wonderful flavour of the DVD itself.

Watch the official YouTube trailer of our fabulous DVD – Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!

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First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training

A wonderful 2xDVD set intended for beginners to sheepdog, stockdog and herding dog training

This DVD set gives more training information than any before – it’s specifically designed for “first time” sheepdog trainers and is also the first sheepdog training DVD set to show many examples of things going wrong in training – and how to put them right.

The first DVD focuses attention on: The Dog – The Training Area and Sheep. In DVD 2 Andy trains three dogs – each with completely different characteristics.

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Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!

The ORIGINAL trailer – with no narration.

It’s had more than HALF A MILLION views since it was first uploaded to YouTube in June 2007.

Watch the original YouTube trailer of our DVD Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!”. The trailer has no narration and very little in the way of advertising, so it’s by far the most popular of our YouTube movies.

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