Our Dogs in TV Film and Video Productions

Photo of seven Border Collie Sheepdogs looking very alert and ready to GO!

Trained Border Collie Sheepdog Animal Actors for Television, Film and Video.

We no longer offer dogs for work in TV and other public media, but we continue to show this page for those who may be interested to see some of the things our dogs did in the past.

Occasionally our dogs take a break from their daily sheepdog training routines and do something really different! Television, film and video are all the same to them and they take their acting roles in their stride.

Our Canine Actors

Having worked recently with the BBC, Endemol and Commercial TV as well as in viral ads, we’re well versed with media requirements for acting dogs.

We can supply trained dogs with handlers, and even sheep for use in TV and video productions.

Camera crew concentrating hard filming Mel

. . . and . . . ACTION!

Our dogs have worked with actors in film and TV.

Here Mel is at work on location shooting a Viral Commercial with Actor Peter Weir and the production crew from Maverick Media.

Andy crouches down in the field with some of the dogs gathered around him in 2009

“Break a leg!”

A good bond with your actors is very important

Andy in rehearsals with some of the dogs in preparation for a BBC Television documentary shoot.

Picture of Andy with Patch Glen and Mel
This is Andy with Patch (left) Glen & Mel (front).

“I was superb!”

Mel and Glen are familiar with being in front of cameras having worked in TV and Advertising in the past.

Availability of dogs for casting.

We are predominantly sheepdog trainers and as such, our dogs are normally used for working sheep. Occasionally, television and film production companies ask us for dogs are able to perform tricks and undergo filming at very short notice.

This is not what we do

If you wish to use our dogs in one of your productions, please have the courtesy to give us reasonable warning. Don’t expect us to drop everything and rush to your assistance without fair time for planning, and (when required) dog training.

If you know you’re going to need good quality genuine sheepdogs for your film, TV or Viral, get in touch with us straight away. If not you’ll be disappointed.

We’re more than happy for our dogs to perform in fun or comedy parts but we will not allow them to take part in any production that in our opinion, insults or ridicules the dog, the breed, or the International Sheep Dog Society.

Please note:
Our dogs are our living.. We do not give up our valuable time just to “be on the telly”. If you want to use our services, there will be a realistic charge for them.

Maverick Media Viral Ad – DIRTY TACKLE!


Watch the Maveric Media Viral ad here.

This is one of a series of “viral ads” we made with the production company Maverick Media.

It features in the “Mel” chapter on our DVD – Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!

The Mel chapter also shows video footage shot during the making of “Dirty Tackle”.

Mel’s the main canine character in the advert but she’s helped out by Pearl, Kassie and Mossie – and even a
stuffed sheep!

We prepared the location and supplied dogs sheep and some props, as well as shelter and refreshments for the crew for the duration of these productions.


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