Only a short spell of snow thank goodness

I must admit, I like to see snow – but it causes us all kinds of inconvenience

Eli in the foreground with his daughter Midge looking on
Eli’s a handsome dog whose pups are proving exceptional.

We took the dogs out for their morning run today, hoping to get some nice pictures of them in the snow but it was rapidly thawing thanks to the mild temperature.

I must admit, I like to see snow – but it causes us all kinds of inconvenience. Our yard is on a slope, and easily becomes slippery during bad weather. This year, we even invested in some rock salt but I don’t like to use it where the dogs will be walking – just in case it harms them in some way.

Maybe I’m over-reacting, but can’t be much fun having salty feet – and who knows what the salt will do if the dogs lick it off.

Mick loves to jump things - here he's jumping the sheep hurdles in the snow.
Mick loves to jump things, whether it’s other dogs, or as seen here, the sheep hurdles in the snow.

As a photographer, of course, snow provides an excellent opportunity to take unusual photographs, and I love to take advantage of that, but to be honest, the sooner the white stuff has melted and disappeared, the better for me.

The sheep don’t enjoy it either. We’re feeding them daily now, because we have very little grass and of course, when it’s covered with snow, it makes food harder to find for the poor sheep.

Border collies and puppies just love the snow. When it’s falling they watch excitedly, and the puppies quite often bark at it.




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2 responses to “Only a short spell of snow thank goodness”

  1. What is the news of Max?. How is his training going?.

    1. Max is sold. He’s working cattle now!

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