On Top of the World!

Border Collie Sheepdog Mo jumping the sheep hurdles.

Mo’s fast becoming one of our best working sheepdogs. The only problem is she’s too fast!

When Mo slows down a little, she’ll be as good as her mum (Mel) but for the time being, we love to see her enjoying herself.

Mo doesn’t need an excuse to jump things – she just does it for joy!

3 responses to “On Top of the World!”

  1. Julie Walton avatar

    I just posted your video trailer about your border collies on our dog blog: A Dog’s Eye View. http://dogblog.inet-success.com

    What a wonderful group of dogs you have. Our dog Maggie is a mix breed, border collie/heeler and maybe even part greyhound. We adopted her from a rescue shelter here in Idaho, USA. I can certainly see her herding instinct kick in when she goes in the back yard, but we don’t have any sheep, just squirrels. I think she protects our yard from the wicked things.

    1. Working Sheepdog avatar

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, Julie. I meant to thank you for your kind comments about our dogs – and for posting the video on ‘A dog’s Eye View’.

      We’ve now revitalised our blog and it’s finally working (more or less) properly on our website.

      I hope Maggie’s still protecting your yard from the squirrels!

  2. Andy avatar

    Wish you hadn’t reminded me, Ruth. : )
    Mel was eight in April

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