Novice sheepdog trials champion – Glen – 238575

Close-up photo of Novice Champion glen lying under a bench, with puppies all around him

A great Scottish Sheepdog – Davidston Glen (1998 – 2011)

From a long line of champions

Glen was bred by N G McEwan in Kincardine, Scotland, by Scottish Team member Davidston Cap 201111 (owned by Mary Caul) and out of Gael 192892 (N G McEwan).

When he was a year old, Glen was sold to a farmer in Perthshire before moving to Suffolk a few months later. He became a successful Nursery Trials dog for Robert Waddell.

Glen came to us on 11th January 2003 and once the initial settling in period was over, Glen and Andy were successful in quite a number of trials.

In February 2004, Glen and Andy won the Moreton Morrel Novice Championships sheepdog trials, held at the late Tony King’s farm at Drayton Parslow near Milton Keynes. They narrowly beat Matt Watson and his dog Cockburn Moss who had dominated the early rounds of the competition.

See Glen’s Pedigree

Close-up photo of Glen looking very stylish as he controls fours sheep
Mr Style! When Glen was penning at sheepdog trials, the crowd would go quiet

So near, yet so far!

Glen’s finest hour was at a big open sheepdog trial near Malvern, Worcestershire in September 2003. Running at around 10am he had a tremendous run, easily penning his sheep in the stock trailer that was provided for the purpose.

Glen went into first place overall, and was leading the field by a big margin. He held 1st place all day but, in the evening, with Glen still clearly in the lead ahead of eight other competitors, the English team captain and some of his friends arrived. They had been to a trial in Wales and decided to see whether they could get to Malvern in time for a run.

The organisers allowed the newcomers to run their dogs and, sadly, Glen was pushed into 4th place so he had to settle for 1st in the Novice Class and 4th in the Open that day.

Close-up photo of Glen looking very stylish as he controls four sheep
When working, Glen knew how much power was required at exactly the right time

Such style!

Glen’s working style and precision control of sheep had to be seen to be believed.

When working, he knew exactly how much pressure to put the sheep, never stressing them. He had an admirable outrun and could confidently gather from 500 mtrs without a problem.

His driving was probably his greatest skill, but he also excelled at penning and shedding.

At delicate times like penning, if a sheep looked as though it was about to make a break for it, Glen would simply move his head a centimetre or so to the side, just to let the errant beast know he was in charge – and the crisis was over.

See Glen’s Pedigree

Glen in less serious mood – there must be an attractive female around!

“A real gentleman”

At home, Glen was a pleasure to have around. He was utterly trustworthy and probably best described as “a perfect gentleman”.

In the eight years he was with us he never showed the slightest sign of aggression – other than perhaps a gentle growl to remind another dog that he wasn’t keen to share his dinner!

Even the most persistent attention from a pesky young puppy wouldn’t bother him, he’d simply ignore the pup until it went away or, if he thought nobody was watching, he might even play with it.

As far as we know Glen was never officially house trained, but he was scrupulously clean in his pen and utterly trustworthy when he was allowed into the house or car.

Once retired from sheep work Glen’s only official duty was as our stud dog although, latterly, he developed a passion for chewing bones, digging holes, playing with puppies or toys and searching (in vain) for rabbits!

Of course, he slowed down as he got older. His sight and hearing deteriorated, and if it weren’t for his daily Glucosamin and Chondroitin tablets, he would have been more troubled with arthritis.

Quite unexpectedly, Glen suffered a stroke one day and before we knew it, he was gone. A swift release, and clearly better than suffering with some illness for a long time, but it was a shock to us, and we still miss him very much.

Just look at Glen’s credentials!

Father1998 Res Scottish National Team MemberDavidson Cap 201111Mary Caul
Grandfather1991 Scottish National Team MemberRob 162594A Dickman
G/Grandfather1984 Scottish National Farmers’ CHAMPIONTweed 92756D.Guild
G/Grandfather1986 Scottish National CHAMPIONDryden Joe 104626R.Dalziel
G/Grandfather1985 International Shepherds’ CHAMPIONNell 118049R.Dalziel
GG/GrandfatherReserve International Supreme CHAMPIONMOSS 103923J.J.Templeton
GG/GrandfatherIrish National Team MemberJIM 125956J.Brady
GG/GrandmotherScottish National Team MemberNELL 112637R.J.Shennan
GG/Grandfather1977 Scottish National Brace CHAMPIONGLEN 75630R. Fortune
GG/GrandfatherScottish National Driving CHAMPIONVIC 128240J.H.T. Bathgate
GGG/GrandfatherScottish National CHAMPIONSPOT 24981J.Gilchrist
GGG/GrandfatherScottish National Driving CHAMPIONHEMP 72301A.J.Campbell
GGG/GrandfatherInternational Shepherds CHAMPION (x2)DON 73710W.Welsh
GGG/GrandfatherScottish National Farmers CHAMPION (x2)TWEED 92756D.Guild
GGG/GrandfatherScottish National TeamBILL 104533A.J.Campbell
GGG/GrandfatherScottish National CHAMPIONSPOT 24981J.Gilchrist
GGG/GrandmotherEnglish National Shepherds CHAMPIONNELL 46529G.Rogerson
GGG/GrandfatherInt Driving CHAMPIONJASPER 79280W.D.Reed
GGG/GrandfatherScottish National CHAMPIONROY 114678J.J.Templeton



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