New Young Talent at Kings Green Farm

Good looking boy! Border Collie puppy, Kevin
Six month old Border Collie puppy, Kevin

Kevin and SpotTum are two very promising puppies.

Despite the wet, miserable weather we’re experiencing in the UK at the moment, things are looking pretty bright for us as far as future sheepdogs are concerned.

Kay and Eli’s pup, Kevin continues to impress us with his natural ability around sheep. He has only seen them four times and already, he flanks calmly around them and will stop on command.

Let’s hope he continues to make such good progress. We’d really like to find Kevin a permanent place in our team.

At five and a half months of age, Kevin’s one of those lovely pups with big feet, silky coat and skin that’s much too large for his body at the moment. He’s very obedient for his age and loves people.

Photo of a ten week old Border Collie Sheepdog which we call Spotum!
SpotTum got her name from the black spot on her white stomach.

SpotTum . . . (OK, we were short of a name for her – and noticed she has a pronounced black spot on her white tummy) was keen to chase sheep right from the time she was eight weeks old. She’s not as refined as Kevin, but shows remarkable staying power, despite being unable to effectively keep up with the sheep.

She impressed us yesterday when she slipped through the rails to get amongst the sheep in the pen. Far from being frightened, SpotTum circled the crowded pen confidently and whenever a sheep dared to look at her, she immediately nipped its nose.

As soon as I can I’ll put a command on that so that I can control SpotTum’s nip. It’s very useful for a dog to bite when it’s confronted with difficult sheep, but of course, we must keep it under careful control at other times.

Pups for sale:
We have two of SpotTum’s litter sisters for sale (2.5 months old). Both are ‘showing’ well on sheep and must go to working homes or farms (not suitable for pets).

Training Update:
Just as the ground was beginning to dry out a little, it’s now raining heavily again. Hopefully, it won’t amount to much and the ground will continue to dry. We’re training as normal at the moment.


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