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Tess in the Open Field is an entire eighteen minute training session with a strong and wilful dog that our regular members will be familiar with.

train a training a herding dog to work stock
Tess being taught to go out wider on her outruns by sending her “the wrong way”

Tess is a strong-willed dog with the potential to become a very useful sheepdog once she’s learned to work in a more consistent and calm manner.

This training session will be of great interest, simply because Tess displays many different traits common to enthusiastic young sheepdogs. She crosses over on her outrun, splits the sheep up and chases them, altogether unsettling them at times.

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training a sheepdog - a complete session with Tess
Tess is a strong-willed sheepdog but she also shows good potential. Watch her being trained in this video

She also shows that when she wants to, she can work to a very high standard indeed.

Tess flanks particularly well on most occasions and often stops quickly too, but she’s inconsistent.

During this sheepdog training lesson, you’ll discover ways to improve the dog’s flanks, introduce it to driving and encourage it work more calmly. You’ll also see Tess enjoying a very brief introduction to driving the sheep.

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